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Sample of Literature Review:
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Sample of Literature Review

In order to assure successful structure, formatting, and content, it will be wise for any student faced with completing a dissertation to have access to sample dissertations. Samples of literature review format will be essential in identifying the proper style and structure of a dissertation literature review.

Dissertation Service

Researching and writing the dissertation is a large and involved project that may be impossible for a student complete without assistance. For various reasons including family, time pressure, and other commitments, students may seek help with writing their dissertations. A dissertation service might be the answer for a student in this situation.

Review of Literature

The review of literature is one of the important early sections of a dissertation. In the review of literature, the student surveys research papers, dissertations, theses, and any books that are relevant to his or her dissertation topic and presents a discussion of the current body of related knowledge. One reason for including a review of literature in the dissertation is to highlight what has been covered in the literature as well as any questions that remain yet unanswered. It is these unanswered questions that new dissertations must address.

Dissertation Example

When faced with writing a dissertation, a student may feel overwhelmed. How does one formulate a topic? What sections comprise a dissertation? What is the dissertation format like? Locating one or more dissertation examples to study and emulate is a great way to inform oneself about what the finished product will look like.

Dissertation Paper

Students pursuing a Master's degree or Doctorate will be required to complete a dissertation paper at the end of their coursework. In some cases, undergraduates are required to complete dissertation papers as well. Some guidelines follow for planning and completing a successful dissertation paper.