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Dissertation Proposal:
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Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is a carefully drafted document written by a student seeking approval for his or her dissertation topic. The dissertation proposal must present a compelling argument on how the student's topic relates to the field of study and why the student should be allowed to pursue a stated research goal in great depth and detail. The dissertation proposal is submitted to the student's faculty advisor and often reviewed by a dissertation committee. The student's advisor may advise on a particular format for the dissertation proposal. Consulting with the advisor is the first step in the proposal-writing process.

Dissertation Thesis

The dissertation thesis is a crucial requirement for earning an advanced degree. The terms "dissertation" and "thesis" can be somewhat confusing, as they are often used interchangeably. Both dissertations and theses are detailed, original research documents written by graduate students in degree programs. In the United States, Master's Degree candidates generally complete a thesis and doctoral candidates complete a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, the Master's Degree student's paper is referred to as a dissertation and the doctoral candidate's paper is referred to as a thesis. Regardless of the terminology used, however, all students earning advanced degrees will need to formulate and complete a dissertation thesis to satisfy their institutions' degree requirements.

Masters Dissertation

The masters dissertation is a extended research paper required for the completion of a Masters Degree. It is often referred to as a masters thesis in the United States, and as a masters dissertation in the United Kingdom. In either case, a masters dissertation is one of the most important components of a Masters Degree candidate's body of work. Here are some guidelines for writing a successful masters dissertation.

Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a comprehensive and detailed document presenting the results and discussion of a doctoral candidate's original research. Doctoral dissertations are required components of a PhD program in any field of study. Doctoral candidates must research, write, and orally defend their doctoral dissertations to prove to their doctoral committees that they have achieved the proper breadth of knowledge and are prepared to advance the study of key questions within their fields of study.


The dissertation is an original document that is required to satisfy the requirements of an advanced degree. Dissertations consist of the description, analysis, and discussion of original research in the student's chosen field. Different universities and departments may have house styles or formatting guidelines that students are required to follow. A student beginning the dissertation process should first check with his or her dissertation committee for any special guidelines or requirements.