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Writing a quality dissertation is an essential aspect of many academic programs, and in some cases counts as much as a quarter of the grade in an advanced degree program. When preparing to write a dissertation, the student should gather all forms of information and help available. Free dissertation resources are available on the Web and elsewhere.

How To Write a Literature Review

Knowing how to write a literature review is an essential skill for any student pursuing an advanced degree. An extensive review of the literature is an important section in the Master's or Doctoral dissertation, and can also be assigned as a stand-alone research paper topic. Here are some useful guidelines in how to write a literature review.

Dissertation Writing Help

A dissertation is an extended research paper that many students will write in conjunction with other requirements for their degrees. Writing the dissertation is often the greatest challenge a student has undertaken in his or her coursework and studies. Dissertation writing help is available from several sources.

PhD Dissertation

A student nearing the completion of a PhD program will be required to complete a PhD dissertation. A PhD dissertation is an extensive, in-depth document presenting and discussing original research the student has conducted in his or her field. While each university and department may have specific rules which students should check before beginning, following are some general guidelines for the format of PhD dissertations.

Literature Review

A literature review is one of the required chapters in a dissertation. In it, a student cites and discusses published research and existing dissertations related to his or her dissertation topic. Literature reviews can also be assigned as part of the coursework for a class. The following steps will assist the student in planning and writing literature reviews.