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Conclusion Chapter:
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Conclusion Chapter

The conclusion chapter of the dissertation is of course the last chapter to be included, with the exception of supporting materials such as an index, reference list, glossary, etc. In the conclusion chapter, the student sums up the contents of the entire dissertation, from the initial hypothesis, to the literature review, the methodology, and the results and discussion chapters. In addition, the student should cover two important topics in the conclusion chapter. One is the limitations of the reported research, and the other is suggestions for future research.

Introduction Chapter

The purpose of the introduction chapter of a dissertation is to give the reader an overview of the contents of all the chapters to follow. A successful introduction chapter will tell the reader briefly: what the state of existing knowledge has been prior to the writing of this dissertation, what gaps in the existing knowledge the research reported in this dissertation is designed to fill, and how the research was conducted and on whom. The introduction chapter will also give a broad overview of the results and the writer's interpretation of them. Each element of this broad overview will then be expanded into a series of other chapters that will make up the dissertation.

Methodology Chapter

Every dissertation must have a methodology chapter. The methodology chapter is the one in which the student presents the research study in detail. The methodology chapter includes every aspect of the research conducted. Here are some items of information which are generally included in the methodology chapter of every dissertation.

Dissertation Online

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What is Literature Review

"What is literature review" is a common question asked on search engines. A literature review is one section of a longer dissertation or thesis. A literature review is also generally included in any research paper that is submitted for publication in academic journals. A literature review can also be a paper in which a student discusses several important research papers in the field, relating their findings to one another. Students searching on "what is literature review" generally need some tips on creating a literature review. Here are some useful tips.