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Writing a Dissertation:
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Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation represents the final accomplishment required for an advanced degree, and accounts for a major portion of the grade in a student's degree program. Writing a dissertation involves choosing an original, significant topic, reviewing the relevant literature in the field, conducting original research, and describing the research in an extended research paper. More information about these steps in writing a dissertation follows.

Dissertation Proposal Sample

A dissertation proposal sample can be an effective tool in learning the proper format for writing dissertation proposals. When learning any new task, having samples of the completed task can answer important questions its structure and style. Here are some thoughts on locating and learning from a dissertation proposal sample.

Writing a Literature Review

Writing a literature review involves locating as much literature as possible related to one's dissertation or research paper topic, choosing the most relevant research and discussion, and writing a stand-alone paper or section of a larger paper which discusses the current state of thinking and research in the field. Writing a literature review can be broken down into the following steps.

Dissertation Proposal Writing

As a preliminary step in the dissertation writing process, a student will be required to submit a proposal. Dissertation proposal writing involves outlining the background for the student's chosen dissertation topic, and describing the proposed methodology for a research project aimed at exploring that topic. Following are some dissertation proposal writing tips.

Dissertation Writing

Writing dissertations may be the most daunting task that faces the student pursuing an advanced degree. The dissertation is an extended research paper on an original, relevant subject in the student's field of study and constitutes a major portion of the grade for the entire degree program. Writing dissertations can stall many students for years because of fear that the work will not turn out well. But as with any large project, writing dissertations can be done with proper planning and an understanding of what is expected. Here are some general writing dissertation guidelines.