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Business Dissertation:
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Business Dissertation

A graduate or doctorate program in business will generally require a business dissertation. A business dissertation is an extended research paper detailing and discussing a work of original and significant research in a chosen topic within the field of business.

The student deciding on the topic and research for a business dissertation has a number of options. A business dissertation may focus on a case study of the steps a given company took in bringing a given product to market, as well as its performance in the marketplace. The purpose of this kind of business dissertation is to examine the various business decisions that a company made and note their consequences in the market.

Another type of business dissertation is a feasibility study. A feasibility study consists of analyzing the anticipated performance of a proposed product or service in the marketplace. A feasibility study would include such information as how much a product would cost to produce, advertise, and market. It would also include analysis of similar products that have been released, noting ways in which the proposed product would either successfully compete with them or appeal to a different buyer.

Another type of business dissertation is the business plan. A business plan is a detailed outline for the development and launch of a new business. It is similar to a feasibility study in that it analyzes and highlights a need for a given product, but proposes to develop a new company to fill the need, rather than a new product alone. Indeed, a feasibility study for the company's proposed product or service can be an integral part of a business plan and also of this type of business dissertation.

While the dissertation process in many academic disciplines involves more academic research, business dissertation writers get the opportunity to model products and services that can later be developed and implemented in the marketplace. As a result, the well-crafted business dissertation can be a tremendous boost to a graduate's professional resume. It is worthwhile to take the time to create the most comprehensive and dynamic business dissertation possible.