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Dissertation Abstract:
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Dissertation Abstract

While the dissertation abstract is the first section of the dissertation that a reader is likely to view, it is normally the last section the candidate will complete. The dissertation abstract is a brief document summarizing the full dissertation research and discussion. It is intended to introduce the dissertation in online and print journals in the candidate's field. It is essentially an "advertisement" for the dissertation which others will use to determine whether or not to read it. Here are some tips for writing successful dissertation abstracts.

Mention key terms:
Prospective readers will scan lists of dissertation abstracts in search of topics relevant to their own fields. They may also perform keyword searches online. Prominent mention of key terms in the candidate's topic will help the dissertation find an audience of interested colleagues.

The ideal dissertation abstract is no more than four hundred words long. Very few details of the actual research need to be mentioned. The abstract must present an overview of the research conducted and the questions answered. A succinct, economically written abstract will be more likely to attract readers.

The dissertation abstract should only discuss the topic and research included in the dissertation. The candidate should take care not to stray into related topics, or to discuss some detail that was not included in the body of the full dissertation. If one is adhering to the guideline of brevity discussed above, then extraneous details will most likely not be an issue.

While dissertation abstracts must be brief, they must also be complete. The writer must touch on each aspect of the research and discussion contained in the full dissertation.

Since it must be so short and focused, yet cogently summarize a long and in-depth document, writing the dissertation abstract can be a daunting task. The best approach is simply to write a first draft without regard for perfection and word count. The resulting document can then be revised and edited down until it reaches the proper length and quality of focus.