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Dissertation Assistance

The dissertation is the most challenging task an advanced student will face in his or her career, and also the most important. It is likely that during the extended process of writing the dissertation, some kind of dissertation assistance will be needed. Dissertation assistance can come in many forms, and from many sources. The wise and successful student will take full advantage of opportunities for dissertation assistance. Some of the options are listed below.

Fellow students can provide dissertation assistance and dissertation support. Others who are also working on their dissertations can get together to work, to offer moral support, and to keep each other on task. When students grow close to finishing their dissertations, they can practice defending them for fellow students. This form of dissertation assistance can be socially rewarding as well as productive.

Students can obtain dissertation assistance from their faculty adviser and others on their committees. While adviser must be careful not to spoon-feed their students, they do want advisees to succeed with their dissertations, and therefore will give dissertation assistance whenever possible. Advisers can often help students clarify ideas or narrow the focus of their research questions. Advisers have of course completed their own dissertations and will be intimately familiar with the process as a result.

Dissertation assistance is also available from professional providers. Example research services can provide dissertation research and formatting examples of prior dissertations. Editing and proofreading services can provide dissertation assistance in the form of help with revisions or assistance with proofreading. It can be very helpful to receive this kind of dissertation assistance late in the writing process, when a student will be exhausted and will benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look at his or her work. If a student is close to his or her deadline and still has editing and proofreading to do, hiring a dissertation assistance provider may be the only way to complete the dissertation in a timely fashion.