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Dissertation Coaching:
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Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation coaching may be an option for the student who is having trouble starting, progressing with, or finishing his or her dissertation. The dissertation writing process is a long, difficult, and sometimes grueling task. Dissertation coaching is a field some psychologists and other motivational experts enter to help students through the arduous process of completing their dissertations.

Dissertation coaching consists such things as helping students plan and outline their research projects, devise plans to manage their time effectively, and design strategies for keeping their work on track. Dissertation coaches can help students find the motivation to keep working, and help them resolve conflicts that may arise with advisors, family, or with their own emotional states. Experienced dissertation coaches have successfully solved a wide range of problems and can be an indispensable resource to the struggling student.

Dissertation coaching generally does not involve hands-on help with research, writing, or editing, although some dissertation coaches may offer these services. Dissertation coaching more often consists of various supporting and motivational roles designed to help the student keep making progress in the face of what can become an overwhelming responsibility. In addition to the services provided above, dissertation coaches may consult with students in finding and choosing advisors, avoiding burnout, and applying for grants and other research funding.

While many professionals offer dissertation coaching services, dissertation coaching is not always done by professionals. Effective dissertation coaching has been provided by students' friends, family members, spouses, and by fellow students. Often, good dissertation coaching consists of little more than reassuring the student that he or she is not alone, that help and support are available, and that there are people in the student's life that are rooting for his or her success.

Whether one chooses professional or amateur dissertation coaching, some form of coaching can be an integral and crucial part of successfully completing a dissertation.