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For the student looking for help on his or her dissertation online, a wide variety of resources are available. A student can find formatting guidelines for the dissertation online, search dissertation abstracts and locate dissertations online, and conduct other kinds of research. It is even possible to hire editorial help or even order a dissertation online.

For a student conducting research for the dissertation online, dissertation abstracts can be searched and viewed through Dissertation Abstracts International, a division of the UMI Dissertation Service. Abstracts are short summaries which will assist students in finding dissertations online that they may wish to review. Students can also locate dissertations online through UMI's Proquest Dissertations and Theses Database. Other kinds of research can also be done for the dissertation online, such as Searching Academic Journals for research papers that may be relevant for the student's literature review.

Students can also find formatting guidelines for the dissertation online. While the first place the student should get formatting guidelines is from the university and department, which may have house guidelines, the second place to search is the Internet. There, the student will find examples and guidelines for APA and MLA style, links to order copies of the style manuals, and online examples of proper formatting.

Students who need more hands-on help can search for and locate editorial and coaching services for the dissertation online. Editorial services can provide help with revising the first draft of the dissertation, helping the student with grammar, spelling, and readability. Since documents can be transmitted via e-mail, the editorial service will be able to edit the dissertation online.

It is also possible to order a complete dissertation online. Services are available which can provide a dissertation on any topic, written by professional writers, and completed in time for the student's deadline. Again, since it is easy to transmit by e-mail, the student doesn't have to find local help. He or she can order and receive the dissertation online.