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Dissertation Proposal Example:
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Dissertation Proposal Example

Before beginning work on a dissertation, a student must first submit and receive approval for a dissertation proposal outlining the intended direction and focus of the dissertation. While many sources are available online and in books that can advise the student on how to structure a dissertation proposal, a very effective way to learn what is required is to obtain and refer to a dissertation proposal example.

A dissertation proposal example is a dissertation proposal that was written and submitted by someone else – either a student who has already begun work on his or her dissertation, a professor at the university, or some other colleague the student knows who is working in a similar field. This dissertation proposal example will of course be on a different topic, but this will not be a concern, because the main things a student will seek to learn from a dissertation proposal example are the proper structuring and format of a dissertation proposal.

If the student cannot find a dissertation proposal example by consulting other students and faculty at the university, it may be possible to locate one or more dissertation proposal examples online. Many universities maintain web pages designed to help their students learn the various guidelines and expectations for completing assignments. If such a resource is not available through the student's own university, then the web pages published by other universities are frequently available to everyone. These can be a valuable source for students in need of a dissertation proposal example.

If a student does locate guidelines and a sample dissertation proposal through another university, he or she should check with his or her department or faculty advisor to make sure there aren't any "house style" rules governing dissertation proposals which are different from the rules the student obtained online. If a university or department does have house style rules, hopefully the advisor will have advised the student of this ahead of time. It is best to check, however, before accepting all of the formatting and structural guidelines the student will find in the dissertation proposal example.