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Dissertation Proposal Sample:
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Dissertation Proposal Sample

A dissertation proposal sample can be an effective tool in learning the proper format for writing dissertation proposals. When learning any new task, having samples of the completed task can answer important questions its structure and style. Here are some thoughts on locating and learning from a dissertation proposal sample.

The dissertation proposal is a required early document in the dissertation writing process. It is a detailed description of the proposed dissertation topic and research project. The dissertation proposal is submitted to the student's board of advisors prior to beginning the dissertation research. To note the characteristics of a successful proposal, the student should obtain dissertation proposal samples to review.

A dissertation proposal sample is not as easy to find as a completed dissertation, as dissertation proposal samples are not archived or published. The student will need to check any resources on how to write a dissertation that are provided by the university. Many universities or individual departments publish dissertation writing guidelines which may include dissertation proposal samples.

A student should also check with fellow students who have already had their dissertation proposals approved. They can often provide a dissertation proposal sample and the student will know that it is one that was successful in gaining approval.

A dissertation proposal sample will include all the elements of a dissertation proposal. Essentially, a dissertation proposal includes an introduction, a literature review, and a proposed methodology. In the introduction, the student states the overall topic of discussion and briefly summarizes the research that will be performed. In the literature review, the student discusses other work that has been done on related topics. The literature review should point to reasons why the student's research relevant.

In the proposed methodology, the student describes the proposed research project. Checking with the dissertation proposal sample will assist the student in determining length and format for each of these sections. The dissertation proposal sample will quickly become and indispensable resource for the student writing a dissertation proposal.