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Dissertation Proposal Writing:
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Dissertation Proposal Writing

As a preliminary step in the dissertation writing process, a student will be required to submit a proposal. Dissertation proposal writing involves outlining the background for the student's chosen dissertation topic, and describing the proposed methodology for a research project aimed at exploring that topic. Following are some dissertation proposal writing tips.

Check the guidelines. Many academic institutions or departments publish dissertation proposal writing guidelines detailing the preferred format for students to follow.The student can check with a faculty advisor to see if guidelines are available. If no dissertation proposal writing guidelines are available from the student's institution, then an online search will provide dissertation proposal writing guidelines posted by other institutions.

Study the literature. One purpose of requiring a student to submit a dissertation proposal is to encourage the student to frame the research topic prior to beginning the dissertation writing process. The student should conduct an ongoing review of the literature in the field both to help define potential areas for research and to gather related research for use in the literature review.

Design the research. After reviewing the literature, the student must design a research project focused on answering the central question implied by the chosen topic. In consultation with the advisor, with peers, and through a knowledge of the literature, the student will be aware of appropriate research models in the field and can plan an effective research project. Once this step is complete, the student will have the material necessary for dissertation proposal writing.

Dissertation Proposal Writing. Dissertation proposal writing shares many characteristics with writing the actual dissertation. A dissertation proposal, in essence, is nearly identical to the first half of a dissertation. Dissertation proposal writing includes writing an introduction summarizing the topic, a literature review detailing the state of current research in the field and laying the context for the topic, and outlining the methodology of the proposed research project. To a large extent, dissertation proposal writing is really early dissertation writing, as the actual dissertation will contain an introduction, literature review, and methodology which are very similar to those developed during the dissertation proposal writing process. The only elements lacking in dissertation proposal writing compared with actual dissertation writing are the results and discussion/conclusion sections that will be needed in the final dissertation, and which can only be written after the research is complete.