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Dissertation Thesis:
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Dissertation Thesis

The dissertation thesis is a crucial requirement for earning an advanced degree. The terms "dissertation" and "thesis" can be somewhat confusing, as they are often used interchangeably. Both dissertations and theses are detailed, original research documents written by graduate students in degree programs. In the United States, Master's Degree candidates generally complete a thesis and doctoral candidates complete a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, the Master's Degree student's paper is referred to as a dissertation and the doctoral candidate's paper is referred to as a thesis. Regardless of the terminology used, however, all students earning advanced degrees will need to formulate and complete a dissertation thesis to satisfy their institutions' degree requirements.

The dissertation thesis will vary in length and depth of research depending on the individual university's guidelines and the degree involved. The dissertation thesis for a PhD will be far more lengthy and than a master's dissertation thesis. The general dissertation thesis format, though, is common to all disciplines and fields of study.

The successful dissertation thesis consists of the following sections: the introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion. In the introduction, the student introduces the research topic, and summarizes the overall findings and conclusions. In the literature review, the student cites related discussions and dissertation theses within the student's chosen field. The literature review should highlight an unanswered question within the field which the student will answer through his or her dissertation research.

In the methodology section, the student describes his or her research study. The test subjects used, methods of gathering data, and metrics used to analyze the data are important components of a quality dissertation thesis methodology. In the discussion section, the student interprets the research results. In the conclusion, the entire dissertation thesis is summarized, and the student highlights any new questions or issues that have arisen through the research process and suggests these as possible areas of further study.

In most cases, the dissertation thesis will be evaluated a by a team or committee of faculty advisors. Frequently, the doctoral student will be required to orally defend his or her dissertation thesis. In any case, clarity, depth of research, organization, and evidence of critical evaluation of the chosen topic are the hallmarks of the successful dissertation thesis.