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Dissertation Tips

For most students, the dissertation the most in-depth, most comprehensive, and largest assignment they have ever had by far. Naturally, the dissertation writing process can seem intimidating, perhaps even overwhelming. Like any large task, however, writing a dissertation successfully is simply a matter of having a set of useful strategies to see the student through the process. Here are a few dissertation tips designed to help students proceed.

Break the project into steps.
One of the best dissertation tips is to divide the dissertation project into a series of steps, to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. It may seem impossible to "write a dissertation," but not so impossible to tackle the first step of studying the literature in order to define a topic. Students should speak to others they know who have finished dissertations and ask them about the steps involved, or research the dissertation process online and learn what tasks, when put together, make up the dissertation.

Develop a schedule. Often, completing the dissertation won't have a specific due date, and it will be up to the student to complete the work on his or her own schedule. One of the best dissertation tips to avoid the process dragging on forever is for the student to develop a goal of when to finish the dissertation, and a schedule giving estimated completion dates for each stage of the process.

View examples.
Another intimidating aspect of writing a dissertation is not knowing what to do or where to start. Another of the useful dissertation tips is to view example dissertations to get an idea of how they are constructed and formatted, and the types of research and writing involved in them. Students can access dissertations online or speak with advisors about example dissertations.

Take the first step. It can be very easy to procrastinate, and never begin work on the dissertation. Since the dissertation is so important to the student's career, they student may feel pressure to make it perfect, and the fear of producing less than perfect work may keep the student from beginning. Another crucial dissertation tip is to remember that the dissertation will not be successful if it is not written, and it is easier to rewrite an imperfect draft than it is to hand in blank pieces of paper and expect to graduate. Students must attempt to subdue their perfectionism, and concentrate on simply doing their best.