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Dissertation Topic:
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Dissertation Topic

Writing a successful dissertation starts with choosing and defining an appropriate dissertation topic. Dissertation topics must be specific, relevant, and original. Here are some resources the student can consult when beginning the process of defining and crafting a dissertation topic.

The search for a dissertation topic should begin well before the student begins the dissertation. As soon as the student begins coursework in the degree program, he or she should begin to consider possible topics and areas for his or her dissertation. The student is likely to think of a variety of dissertation topic ideas in advance. Most students, however, don't write these early dissertation topic ideas down, and then have trouble thinking of topics when it is time to write the dissertation.

A very effective way to search for dissertation topics is to review the existing dissertations and other literature in the field. The literature review is a part of any dissertation, but reviewing the literature can begin well before the dissertation writing process begins. While reviewing the literature, the student can ask what similar topics might complement the dissertations he or she is reviewing. Existing dissertations very often conclude with suggestions for further research in the field. These suggestions can be great sources of dissertation topics.

The student may also consider earlier research he or she has conducted and other research papers he or she has written. Does any of the student's prior research bring up an important question that could become a dissertation topic? While a student must not repeat research he or she has already conducted, existing research can be a dissertation topic springboard.

The student should bring any potential dissertation topics to his or her faculty advisor. The advisor will be responsible for approving the dissertation topic and can give the student feedback or help to define and clarify the proposed dissertation topic. More formally, the student will need to write a dissertation proposal, in which he or she will argue in favor or the originality and importance of his or her chosen dissertation topic. Only when the proposal in approved will the dissertation topic become official.