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The dissertation writer is often faced with the most challenging and daunting task in his or her academic career. A dissertation is an original, research based document required for completion of an advanced degree. Depending on the institution and the degree involved, a dissertation may be anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 words long or more. Here are some tips for dissertation writers who find themselves overwhelmed when beginning the dissertation writing process.

Know the topic. Prior to beginning the dissertation, a dissertation writer must generally submit a dissertation proposal to his or her department outlining the topic to be studied. Once the proposal is approved, the writing process can begin. If the dissertation writer is at a loss for a good topic, the best place to begin is by reviewing the existing literature in the field. As mentioned above, many completed dissertations end with a conclusion mentioning possibilities for future research. A dissertation writer may get helpful suggestions here for choosing his or her own dissertation topic.

Know the format. While individual universities may have specific house rules governing the format and structure of dissertations they review, most dissertations adhere to the following rough outline: introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion. More detail on dissertation format is available in other posts.

Design the research. Once the student has a relevant topic in the form of a research question, he or she can design a research project designed to address this question. The research methodology section is the core of the dissertation, and well-designed, thoroughly conducted research will give the dissertation writer plenty of material to use in the final document.

Write the draft. Once the research has been carried out, drafting the dissertation is simply a matter of organizing the material and presenting it according to the standard dissertation format. The successful dissertation writer will often create a rough outline, then a first draft. The drafting process can help the writer in clarifying his or her own thoughts on the dissertation topic. Once the first draft is complete, it can be revised and polished until it is as clear and comprehensive as possible.