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Dissertation Writing

Writing the dissertation is the most difficult task a student will face in pursuit of his or her doctorate. Many PhD candidates complete their coursework and research but put off dissertation writing for years out of fear that their dissertations will not survive the rigorous review of their board of advisors. But dissertation writing, like any other large project, can be done if one cultivates the proper mindset. Here are some ideas consider when beginning the dissertation writing process.

Banish Fear:
One must approach dissertation writing with the belief that it can be done and done well. One important fact to remember is that, like any piece of writing, dissertation writing doesn't have to be perfect at first. All writing is drafted and revised. The fear of putting words on paper because they might not be perfect must be conquered.

Once the obstacle of fear has been removed, one should reflect on the topic at hand. Dissertation writing requires attention to a specific, narrow aspect of the candidate's field. The more clearly the candidate defines the topic, the more easily the dissertation writing will flow.

Review the Literature:
Dissertation writing must ask and answer an original question within the candidate's field of interest. Doctoral coursework always includes extensive study of others' work in the field, and the candidate will no doubt have kept abreast of recent dissertation writing by colleagues in the field. What topics have other dissertations covered, and what questions remain to be answered? In many cases, dissertation writing and academic papers by others in the field will suggest a related project or leave an open question that begs to be answered.

As stated above, dissertation writing does not have to flow perfectly the first time the candidate sets fingers to keyboard. Begin the first draft with the knowledge that it can be revised. Arguments can be strengthened and awkward sentences can be re-written. Often, first-draft dissertation writing can help the writer clarify his or her thinking, resulting in insights that were elusive before the dissertation writing process began.