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Doctoral Dissertation:
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Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a comprehensive and detailed document presenting the results and discussion of a doctoral candidate's original research. Doctoral dissertations are required components of a PhD program in any field of study. Doctoral candidates must research, write, and orally defend their doctoral dissertations to prove to their doctoral committees that they have achieved the proper breadth of knowledge and are prepared to advance the study of key questions within their fields of study.

Different institutions will have slightly varying rules and guidelines for doctoral dissertation structure and style. The first thing a student should do when beginning the doctoral dissertation process is to consult with his or her advising committee to determine the required doctoral dissertation format. Secondly, the student should design a research project around which to structure the doctoral dissertation. Ideally, a PhD candidate should be formulating a doctoral dissertation topic early in his or her graduate school career, and gear his or her study of the existing literature in the field toward his or her topic of interest.

While different institutions have different requirements, most doctoral dissertations consist of the following sections: the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, the discussion, and the conclusion. In the introduction, the student introduces the topic at hand, outlines a hypothesis to be tested, and briefly summarizes the research performed and conclusions reached. In the literature review, the student reports on related doctoral dissertations and academic papers which cover relevant and related topics in the field.

The methodology is the heart of a quality doctoral dissertation. The methodology describes the student's research, whether it be quantitative or quantitative research. The subjects studied, methods used, data gathered, results obtained, and methods of interpreting those results are all discussed.

In the analysis section, the student analyzes and discusses the research findings reported in the methodology. The student's doctoral dissertation committee will be looking for evidence that the student has reached original conclusions and advanced the body of knowledge in the topic at hand. An effective doctoral dissertation analysis will adequately reflect the student's contribution to the field.

In the conclusion, the student briefly summarizes the discussion once more, and draws attention to any new questions the research has presented. These questions will serve as suggestions for research studies and doctoral dissertations that may be undertaken by future PhD candidates in the student's field.