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Economics Dissertation:
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Economics Dissertation

An economics dissertation is an in-depth, comprehensive research document required as part of an advanced degree in economics. Economics dissertations are generally required for Master's Degrees and PhD's in economics, but in some cases undergraduate institutions require economics dissertations as well.

The student faced with writing the economics dissertation must first choose an appropriate dissertation topic. The topic must be very focused and specific, but the student can begin by considering one of the broader categories of economics theory that holds his or her interest. Economics categories include financial economics, sports economics, international economics, agricultural economics, and others.

Within each broad category, the student will find various areas of more specific focus for research leading to the economics dissertation. Within the field of financial economics, for instance, there is the study of risk management and diversification. Within this example category, the student should identify a narrower topic, such as risk management and diversification strategies in the petroleum industry.

Once the economics dissertation topic is defined, the student can begin to arrive at a specific research question by conducting a literature review. This will be a required section of the economics dissertation and it is also an excellent way to identify an appropriate topic to study. The student will read relevant dissertations within the field focusing on similar questions in economics theory. The student can then choose and economics dissertation topic that addresses a unique question not yet answered by the existing body of economics dissertations.

The ideal economics dissertation involves quantitative research, meaning hard data collected from a research study and subjected to probability and statistical analysis. While conducting the literature review, the student can be aware of quantitative research experiments conducted by others, and design a research study using similar statistical models and procedures.

Once the student has identified a unique, authoritative economics dissertation topic, it must be approved by the student's faculty advisor. The student will write an economics dissertation proposal identifying the question to be considered and arguing for its relevance in the greater discipline of economics. Once the topic is approved, the student can begin work on the actual economics dissertation.