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Education Dissertation:
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Education Dissertation

Most students pursuing an advanced degree in education will be required to write an education dissertation. An education dissertation is a well-researched, comprehensive, original, and significant completed research project and accompanying paper. Education dissertations must show evidence of original, significant work in the student's specialty within the field of education.

Students completing an education dissertation will have a faculty advisor and a dissertation committee responsible for assisting the student with any questions that arise during the education dissertation process. The dissertation committee will also review the completed education dissertation and the student will be required to orally defend it in front of the committee.

The time to start thinking about the education dissertation is early in the student's academic career. As the student proceeds through his or her coursework, he or she should keep a list of possible topics for the education dissertation. As the student reads research papers during coursework, what education questions and issues appear the most interesting? The student should choose an education dissertation topic that holds high interest, as the dissertation writing process is very involved and the student will get to know the topic in great detail.

Research for the education dissertation can take a variety of forms. The student may perform observations or case studies of a particular educational model in action. He or she may conduct quantitative statistical research on learning based on two or more different models. He or she may instead design a new instructional model designed to fill existing gaps in the education field or serve students who have not been successfully served in the past.

The student may continue to refine his or her education dissertation topic by reading education dissertations that have completed by others. These can give the student an idea of the scope of research question that is handled in an education dissertation, as well as the types of research often conducted and the style of paper formatting and writing that is prevalent. In many cases, existing dissertations make recommendations on further research that needs to be conducted on the same topic. Often, a student can find the idea for his or her own education dissertation by reading those who have come before.