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The student looking for literature review information has several avenues to explore. Here are some guidelines for literature reviews and some suggestions on where students can look for more information and for literature review examples.

A literature review is a chapter of a dissertation in which the student discusses prior research and findings in the field that are relevant to his or her dissertation topic. The literature review is commonly the first major section of a dissertation, after the introduction. The most important factor for literature review formatting is proper citing of the sources the student refers to. Sources are cited both within the text and within a reference list that typically follows the dissertation's conclusion.

The proper format for literature review citations depends on the style manual in use in the student's field. Different academic disciplines generally require different style manuals, such as MLA or APA style. The format for in-text citation for literature reviews in MLA format includes the author's name and the page number cited. The format for literature reviews in APA format includes the author's name and the year of publication.

Students looking for literature review examples will have little trouble finding them. Every dissertation includes a literature review, so students who need examples to consult need only read dissertations by others in their fields. This reading will serve a dual purpose, as there are no doubt many dissertations that will be relevant to the student's research and might be usable for literature review citation. In addition, nearly all research papers the student reads, dissertation or not, will include literature reviews. The student can use these to help determine the number of sources to be discussed, the kind of discussion commonly engaged in, and other salient features for literature review writing that will serve well in drafting his or her own dissertation.

For literature review questions that are specific to his or her own work, the student can also consult with the faculty advisor. The advisor is there to help the student succeed, and the advisor's answers for literature review questions may save the student a large amount of time and confusion.