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Writing a quality dissertation is an essential aspect of many academic programs, and in some cases counts as much as a quarter of the grade in an advanced degree program. When preparing to write a dissertation, the student should gather all forms of information and help available. Free dissertation resources are available on the Web and elsewhere.

Free dissertation samples can be found which will help students get a sense of preferred dissertation format and style. Many universities have free dissertation help sites that describe their criteria for successful dissertations. The student should check with his or her faculty advisor and with the university's reference librarian for any free dissertation resources that are available through the university. If nothing is available, checking other universities' websites should yield useful free dissertation information.

When a student is defining a topic for a dissertation, he or she should take care to insure that it has not been covered before by others. A good dissertation topic is interesting, relevant and open to further study. The student can search for free dissertation topics by conducting a review of the literature in his or her field to find out which topics have been covered and which are still free. Frequently, other dissertation writers will include in their conclusions suggestions about further research that could be conducted in the field. These suggestions will often point the way to free dissertation topics in the student's field.

Free dissertation help is also available through excellent books on the subject, and dissertation writing articles that can be found in the library. Fellow students often get together to discuss their dissertations, and to offer each other free dissertation critiques and advice. The student should maintain close ties with fellow students in his or her university and with students in the same field at other universities.

Free dissertation guidance is widely available through a variety of sources, and the wise student will become as well-advised as possible as he or she begins the dissertation writing process.