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Good Dissertation

Naturally, any student will wish to write a good dissertation. The dissertation represents a major portion of a student's grade in a degree program, so writing a good dissertation will go a long way toward earning the student a good grade in the program. In addition, a good dissertation will serve a student well after the degree is complete. Good dissertations can aid their writers in earning further academic and job placements.

So what are the elements of a good dissertation? They are a good topic, good research, good planning, and good writing. In other words, if the student takes care to work diligently through the entire dissertation process, from initial idea to finished paper, there is little doubt that his or her work will result in a good dissertation.

A good dissertation topic is one that is unique, focused, and significant. A dissertation topic should be one that has not yet been covered by someone else. If a student is simply duplicating work that has already been done in the field, he or she will not be writing a good dissertation. A good dissertation topic is also focused. The topic must be narrow enough that the student can explore it in great detail. The student should be able to become the world's foremost authority on this specific topic, so it must be narrow enough that the student can adequately handle it within the scope of a good dissertation. A good dissertation topic should also be of significant importance in the field. The research question must be one that is important to the advancement of knowledge in the field. To write a good dissertation, the student must make a significant contribution to the field.

To do good research, a student should plan the project carefully, and learn by example from good dissertations that have been completed by the student's professors and peers. Once the research is complete, the student should take time to analyze and interpret the results. A good dissertation is one that reflects the student's considered analysis of his or her research findings.

Finally, a good dissertation involves good writing. Often, the best approach is to outline the dissertation before writing it, write a first draft, and then polish it until it is as complete and readable as possible.