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Literature Review APA

To complete a literature review APA style, a student must be familiar with the proper source citation format in APA style. In any literature review, a wide variety of sources are cited, and each on must be consistent with literature review APA style.

To format the literature review APA style, the student should use the following format for each in-text citation: The author or authors' name(s), and the year of publication. Depending on the wording of the citation, one or both of these elements may be in parenthesis. If the author's name is mentioned in the text of the citation, then only the year of publication needs to be placed in parenthesis, as follows:

"Jorgenson (2005) noted that proper source citation was always followed…"

If the author's name is not mentioned in the text, then both the name or names and the publication year are included in parenthesis, as follows:

"Proper citation was always followed when students were trained in advance (Jorgenson, 2005)."

If two authors are mentioned in the text, the word "and" is used between them, but if the authors' names are in parenthesis, the two names are connected with an ampersand (&), as shown below:

"Jorgenson and Craft (2005) noted that…"

"Proper citation format was always followed when students were trained in advance (Jorgenson & Craft, 2005)."

To follow literature review APA style when there are multiple authors cited, it is frequent practice to mention all of the authors in the initial citation, but only the first author's name, followed by "et al." in subsequent citations, as shown below:

"Jorgenson, Craft, Wellbaum, and Smith (2005)" noted that…

Jorgenson et al. (2005) also showed that…

Literature review APA style only calls for author's name and publication year within the text, but a more complete list of references must be attached to the dissertation, usually after the conclusion. The reference list includes the authors' names, publication year, title of work, journal or book title, volume and number (for journals) and publisher/year (for books).

Combining proper in-text citations with a complete reference list will the assure the student that he or she is adhering to literature review APA style, and the dissertation will not be criticized on its formatting.