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Literature Review Example:
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Literature Review Example

The literature review is an important component of any dissertation or other research paper. In the literature review, the student presents a discussion of research that is relevant to his or her topic, and gives a contextual overview for the research the student has conducted. One key to writing a successful literature review is having access to a literature review example or two. A literature review example can provide guidelines for the formatting and content of successful literature reviews. Literature review examples can be found through some of the following methods of search.

Nearly every research paper published contains a literature review. Students who have completed the coursework for the dissertation will likely have read and reviewed a variety of papers, and most of these can provide literature review examples. In addition, in preparation for writing the dissertation, the student will gather related research to discuss. Most of the research papers the student gathers will contain literature reviews that can serve as literature review examples.

To search specifically for dissertation literature review examples, the student may need to search the library. Consulting the indices available listing dissertations, such as Dissertation Abstracts International, will point the way to completed dissertations. These will be excellent sources of literature review examples.

For examples of literature review formatting, the student can consult style resources depending on the style guide (APA or MLA) that is preferred in his or her field. Style guides will have information on proper citations and use of punctuation, and will also have specific literature review examples and other example pages for illustration purposes.

The student can also look within his or her department. The student may have access to his or her faculty advisor's dissertation, and may even wish to include it in his or her literature review. Even if not, though, the advisor's dissertation can provide a literature review example the student can learn from. The same holds true for fellow students who recently graduated from the program. When viewing literature review examples by recently graduated colleagues the student will know he or she is viewing very successful literature review examples. Wherever the student finds literature review examples, they can be indispensable in writing a successful dissertation.