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Literature Review Examples:
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Literature Review Examples

The student faced with the awesome task of completing his or her dissertation may be confused and intimidated by many aspects of the dissertation process. One of the first major tasks to undertake is researching and writing the literature review. One effective resource for the student who is confused about writing a literature review is to locate and refer to literature review examples.

The student who has reviewed a number of literature review examples will have ample opportunities to see how other researchers have structured and written their literature reviews, and the formatting used to properly cite each source.

The purpose of a literature review is to provide an extensive report on the state of knowledge in the field with respect to the student's particular dissertation topic. The student will be gathering literature in the field by searching the library and online databases for research papers and dissertations that report relevant research in the field. These research paper and dissertations can also be excellent sources of literature review examples.

Dissertations, theses, and research papers of all kinds contain literature review examples. A literature review must be included in every academic research paper. Therefore, the student who has done any reading in the field will have no shortage of literature review examples to consult.

Example research agencies can also provide assistance with research for the literature review, as well as providing literature review examples. One of the challenges in creating the literature review is conducting a thorough search of the literature and determining which papers and dissertations are most relevant to the student's topic. In many cases, enlisting the services of an example research agency can help the student assemble a more complete picture of the existing body of research. The example research agency can also provide literature review examples for students to use as guides when planning and writing their own literature reviews.