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Literature Review Format:
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Literature Review Format

In order to write a successful dissertation, it is important to pay attention to the literature review format. A properly formatted and written literature review will blend seamlessly with the rest of the dissertation and help shape an original and significant document that will speak well of the student's accomplishments in the degree program. Following are some literature review format guidelines to keep in mind.

A literature review is a discussion of research papers and dissertations that bear a relevant relationship to the student's own dissertation topic. Proper literature review format guidelines dictate extensive survey of the literature and a comprehensive report on the work that others have done in the field. The student's own topic should build on the existing knowledge in the field and a successful literature format will lay the groundwork and show the need for the student's own research in the field.

Since the literature review is chiefly concerned with citing and discussing the research of others, one of the most crucial aspects of literature review format is properly citing all references that are discussed. Whether the paper is in APA, MLA, or some other style, the literature review format guidelines generally call for citing each referenced work within the body of the text, as well as including a complete reference list at the end.

Literature review format guidelines state that the reference list must include as much information as possible to help any interested scholar locate the work cited in the literature review. This includes paper author, paper title, journal name, volume and number, publication date, page numbers, etc. If the cited work is a book, proper literature review format for citations also includes the publisher and chapter number. If a web page is cited, the reference list should include the URL and the date the information was retrieved.

In addition to a complete reference list, literature review format requires in-text citation in abbreviated form. In-text citation usually includes the author or authors' names and the publication date (APA style) or the page number (MLA style). When considering the question of literature review format, the student who is aware of style guidelines and takes care with each citation will be successful.