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Marketing Dissertation:
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Marketing Dissertation

A successful marketing dissertation, like the dissertation in any field, must begin with an original and engaging topic. Brainstorming ideas prior to the researching and planning the marketing dissertation will make all the difference. The successful student will take care not to rush this process. Successful brainstorming starts with narrowing one's focus.

Marketing dissertations have focused on all aspects of the marketing field, from branding and competition to pricing and product performance. To successfully brainstorm marketing dissertation ideas, one can review the coursework taken and the specific companies studied. What specific topics have been most interesting? The marketing dissertation research and writing process will consume many hours and many thousands of words. Focusing on a topic that holds the degree candidate's interest is crucial.

Is there a company case study that has been particularly fascinating to delve into? Is there a company the candidate wishes he or she could have the opportunity to study? What aspects of this company's marketing strategy are most fascinating? Has this company made mistakes? Have similar mistakes been made by competitors, or by companies in related markets? Successful marketing dissertations can be built around research into questions like these.

When one has identified an interesting topic or marketing strategy to research, the next question is what metrics can be applied to this strategy's effect on the marketplace? Successful marketing dissertations rely on the reporting and analysis of measurable outcomes. If there is a source of data to analyze and draw conclusions from, then the topic at hand has tremendous potential as a marketing dissertation topic.

The marketing dissertation must show evidence of the candidate's original and critical thinking about the topic at hand. With the explosion of Internet marketing, there is no shortage of new topics, strategies, and case studies to explore. The wise student will look to the cutting edge of technology and its effects on the way products and services are marketed today. An original, in-depth marketing dissertation on some aspect of the rapidly evolving online marketing world will serve the student well once he or she has earned the degree and begun his or her real-world career.