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MBA Dissertation:
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MBA Dissertation

The MBA dissertation is an original, 10,000- to 25,000-word document that is required to satisfy the requirements for an MBA degree. MBA dissertations can be research-based studies of company or industry-wide issues within the MBA candidate's field of interest. They can also be case studies, business plans, or feasibility studies geared toward improving the effective marketing and production of a given product or service.

While it is an academic document, the MBA dissertation can have real-world applications. Many universities requiring MBA dissertations encourage their students to work directly with actual businesses. A student might analyze and report on situations facing these businesses, and suggest ways to improve company performance. In this way, MBA dissertations can provide real benefits to the company involved and can give the student invaluable practice in strategic planning for the industry in which he or she seeks employment.

MBA dissertation requirements vary by university, so each student should start the MBA dissertation process by checking with his or her department chair for a list of requirements and guidelines. The chair can also help the student discover any resources available, such as the possibility of teaming up with a company. The MBA dissertation writing process will be overseen by an academic advisor, who can help the student develop a list of possible MBA dissertation topics and choose one which will satisfy the university's requirements while providing a valuable learning opportunity for the student.

One way to develop an appropriate MBA dissertation topic is to scan lists of MBA dissertations that have been completed by successful students. Since MBA dissertations frequently focus on the activities of a specific company, covering a similar topic but with a different company or within a different industry can lead to a thoroughly original study and a successful MBA dissertation. Very often in business, the solution to a given business problem can come from a similar solution in a different industry, and the resourceful student will be aware of strategies and procedures in a wide array of industries.

A well-researched, well-written MBA dissertation gives the student an edge when the degree is earned and the job search process begins. Careful planning and attention to detail will serve the student well as he or she completes the MBA dissertation and enters the post-graduate job market.