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MIT Dissertation:
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MIT Dissertation

An MIT dissertation is an in-depth research study and document required of every student pursuing a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States in the fields of Computer Science, physics, and other sciences, and the MIT dissertation must be of the highest possible standard to be accepted.

The MIT dissertation begins with the design and implementation of an original research experiment or study. The student can arrive at a study by reviewing the coursework he or she has completed and studying the body of existing research in his or her field. The student's objective here is to locate a relevant question in the field that has yet to be explored in the detail required of an MIT dissertation. Once, the student has a relevant question to ask, he or she can design research intended to answer it.

Different MIT departments may have different formatting guidelines for dissertations within their respective fields. The student should always check on these guidelines in advance and work closely with his or her faculty advisor during the initial setup and outlining of the research project. Failure to be aware of department formatting rules can mean rejection of even the most brilliant MIT dissertation.

Most MIT dissertations follow the standard dissertation format consisting of five sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results/Discussion, and Conclusion. In the Introduction, the student states the research question and summarizes the research findings and conclusions. In the Literature Review, the student reports on the study of existing research discussed above. In the Methodology section, the student describes the research study he or she has designed, and leads the reader step by step through the experiment and results obtained. In the Results/Discussion section, the student interprets the findings and places them within the context of other research in his or her field. In the Conclusion, the student summarizes the MIT dissertation as whole and suggests any new questions it raises for possible future research.

The student who successfully submits an MIT dissertation will know that he or she has accomplished one of the most challenging tasks within the American graduate school system and his or her career success is sure to follow.