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Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation coaching may be an option for the student who is having trouble starting, progressing with, or finishing his or her dissertation. The dissertation writing process is a long, difficult, and sometimes grueling task. Dissertation coaching is a field some psychologists and other motivational experts enter to help students through the arduous process of completing their dissertations.

Business Dissertation

A graduate or doctorate program in business will generally require a business dissertation. A business dissertation is an extended research paper detailing and discussing a work of original and significant research in a chosen topic within the field of business.

Dissertation Defense Question

Perhaps the most difficult phase in the dissertation process is the final, dissertation defense question phase. Once a student has completed his or her dissertation, he or she will be required to submit and orally defend it before a faculty committee. The committee, which acts as a panel of judges, will ask questions about the dissertation research itself and also about the field in general. These are known as dissertation defense questions.

For Literature Review

The student looking for literature review information has several avenues to explore. Here are some guidelines for literature reviews and some suggestions on where students can look for more information and for literature review examples.

Digital Dissertation

A digital dissertation is also known as an electronic dissertation. It is a dissertation whose primary mode of storage is not paper-based but computer-based. The digital dissertation movement is a growing trend in the storage, distribution, and even formatting of dissertations.