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Write a Literature Review:
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Write a Literature Review

Any student pursuing advance coursework will need to write a literature review as part of a thesis or dissertation. A university professor may also ask students to write a literature review as a stand-alone document in a particular class. Here are the essential points to consider for anyone needing to write a literature review.

How To Write Literature Review

A literature review is a comparative study of existing research papers, theses, and dissertations published within a given academic field. Literature reviews can be assigned by university professors as stand-alone assignments, or as essential components of any master's or doctoral dissertation. Knowing how to write literature reviews is an essential skill for the advanced student. How to write literature review books are available in some libraries. Here are some useful tips on preparing and writing a successful literature review.

Music Dissertation

A music dissertation is an extended research paper required for students pursuing an advanced degree in music. It is based on an original, unique topic in music theory, history, composition, or performance practice and is often required in addition to coursework and a recital. The following steps are important to consider when planning and writing a music dissertation.

MIT Dissertation

An MIT dissertation is an in-depth research study and document required of every student pursuing a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States in the fields of Computer Science, physics, and other sciences, and the MIT dissertation must be of the highest possible standard to be accepted.

Dissertation Outline

The dissertation outline is an essential first step in writing any dissertation. When a student is faced with completing an extended research topic and discussion such as a dissertation, a detailed dissertation outline will help extensively in the planning and execution of the dissertation writing process.