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Scholarship Dissertation:
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Scholarship Dissertation

A scholarship dissertation is a lengthy, detailed essay that is often required of students who attend academic institutions on a scholarship. In most cases, a scholarship dissertation's main purpose is to serve as a testimony to the worth of the scholarship to the student, and the ways in which it has benefited his or her academic career and the student's field of study in general. In other cases, a scholarship dissertation can be a more detailed research document similar to a master's or doctoral dissertation. Following are some tips for writing successful scholarship dissertations.

Know the requirements. If a scholarship dissertation will be required at the end of a student's course of study, he or she should become aware of the requirements as early as possible. The dissertation may require a detailed year-by-year summary of the student's academic career. In this case, keeping notes as the years go by will greatly streamline the process. A student who is aware of the scholarship dissertation requirements can even begin to outline the dissertation long before his or her academic career draws to a close, and this can be a tremendous help if other essays or a thesis dissertation are also due prior to graduation.

Know the structure. The student should be aware of all structural issues regarding the scholarship dissertation. How long should it be? What sections should be included? Will any specific examples be required? Comprehensive knowledge of the scholarship dissertation format will assist greatly in successfully completing the document.

Know the audience. It is important to be aware of who will read the scholarship dissertation and what its purpose will be. In most cases, scholarship dissertations are case studies of the successful impact a scholarship has had on a given student. The committee uses reports of student success to aid in convincing the funding agencies or companies that the scholarship money is well-spent. Though the purpose of the scholarship dissertation may not always be spelled out explicitly, the wise student will read the requirements carefully to determine what purpose it will be used for.

Know the deadline. Finally, the student should be aware of the scholarship dissertation deadline. Scholarship dissertations which are late or missing can result in forfeiture of all or part of the promised scholarship funds.