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UMI Dissertation Service

The UMI dissertation service is the foremost publisher, indexer, and distributor of Master's and doctoral dissertations in the world today. UMI dissertation service can be a tremendous help to a student both during the dissertation writing process and after the dissertation is complete. Here are some of the important ways in which the UMI dissertation service can be of use.

The UMI dissertation service provides searchable online databases and print indices of nearly every dissertation published in the United States and many others from around the world. The print index Dissertation Abstracts International is published by UMI dissertation service. The DAI index lists dissertation abstracts – brief synopses of each dissertation's subject matter, research, and findings, that can assist students in locating dissertation research that is relevant to their own topics.

The UMI dissertation service also maintains the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database (PQDTD), the most comprehensive list available of dissertations and theses. Depending on the wishes of the dissertation authors, many of these dissertations and theses are available online as pdf files, or print copies are available instead. Students conducting dissertation research will no doubt have occasion to make use of the PQDTD when searching for relevant dissertations to include in their own literature reviews.

In addition to providing resources for dissertation research, UMI dissertation service can publish student dissertations once they are complete. Students can make their dissertations available in print and online, and gain the prestige associated with someone who has published important research in their fields. In addition to the honor of having their dissertations published, students working through UMI dissertation service will have the satisfaction of knowing that their dissertations are available to others in the field, who will able use them to further their own research goals and to further the state of knowledge in the student's field.