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What is Literature Review:
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What is Literature Review

"What is literature review" is a common question asked on search engines. A literature review is one section of a longer dissertation or thesis. A literature review is also generally included in any research paper that is submitted for publication in academic journals. A literature review can also be a paper in which a student discusses several important research papers in the field, relating their findings to one another. Students searching on "what is literature review" generally need some tips on creating a literature review. Here are some useful tips.

What is literature review tip #1: Gather relevant literature. The student must find articles in the academic press and online that relate to his or her research topic. The student will most likely be aware of these journals through regular coursework, but the reference librarian at the University's library can help locate any additional titles. Abstracts of research papers are available online to help students determine which articles are most relevant for their literature reviews.

What is literature review tip #2: Read the articles. The student will then read the literature, making extensive notes in the margins or on a pad of paper (or computer). The most important or interesting statements made within the articles can be highlighted or underlined for easy location later.

What is literature review tip #3: Write the outline. The student will decide which articles to include in the literature review, then decide in what order each should be discussed. Assuming the student is creating the literature review as part of a dissertation, the order may be related to the student's thesis statement. The order of article discussion can also be related to the research the student has conducted. In any case, the order which most strongly supports the student's argument is the best.

What is literature review tip #4: Write a draft. Writing literature reviews is not easy. The best way to write one is to create a first draft without worrying about perfection. If a student tries to go directly from outline to perfect final draft, he or she is likely to become discouraged and put off writing the literature review. The key to a perfect final draft is an imperfect first draft that can be revised. The wise student writes the draft, and then improves upon it in later drafts.