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Dissertation Outline

The dissertation outline is an essential first step in writing any dissertation. When a student is faced with completing an extended research topic and discussion such as a dissertation, a detailed dissertation outline will help extensively in the planning and execution of the dissertation writing process.

Scholarship Dissertation

A scholarship dissertation is a lengthy, detailed essay that is often required of students who attend academic institutions on a scholarship. In most cases, a scholarship dissertation's main purpose is to serve as a testimony to the worth of the scholarship to the student, and the ways in which it has benefited his or her academic career and the student's field of study in general. In other cases, a scholarship dissertation can be a more detailed research document similar to a master's or doctoral dissertation. Following are some tips for writing successful scholarship dissertations.

Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is a carefully drafted document written by a student seeking approval for his or her dissertation topic. The dissertation proposal must present a compelling argument on how the student's topic relates to the field of study and why the student should be allowed to pursue a stated research goal in great depth and detail. The dissertation proposal is submitted to the student's faculty advisor and often reviewed by a dissertation committee. The student's advisor may advise on a particular format for the dissertation proposal. Consulting with the advisor is the first step in the proposal-writing process.

Masters Dissertation

The masters dissertation is a extended research paper required for the completion of a Masters Degree. It is often referred to as a masters thesis in the United States, and as a masters dissertation in the United Kingdom. In either case, a masters dissertation is one of the most important components of a Masters Degree candidate's body of work. Here are some guidelines for writing a successful masters dissertation.

Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a comprehensive and detailed document presenting the results and discussion of a doctoral candidate's original research. Doctoral dissertations are required components of a PhD program in any field of study. Doctoral candidates must research, write, and orally defend their doctoral dissertations to prove to their doctoral committees that they have achieved the proper breadth of knowledge and are prepared to advance the study of key questions within their fields of study.

MBA Dissertation

The MBA dissertation is an original, 10,000- to 25,000-word document that is required to satisfy the requirements for an MBA degree. MBA dissertations can be research-based studies of company or industry-wide issues within the MBA candidate's field of interest. They can also be case studies, business plans, or feasibility studies geared toward improving the effective marketing and production of a given product or service.

Dissertation Methodology

The dissertation methodology is a section within the doctoral dissertation that describes the original research the candidate has conducted in preparation for earning his or her PhD. Following are some tips in writing successful dissertation methodologies.

Dissertation Abstract

While the dissertation abstract is the first section of the dissertation that a reader is likely to view, it is normally the last section the candidate will complete. The dissertation abstract is a brief document summarizing the full dissertation research and discussion. It is intended to introduce the dissertation in online and print journals in the candidate's field. It is essentially an "advertisement" for the dissertation which others will use to determine whether or not to read it. Here are some tips for writing successful dissertation abstracts.

Dissertation Proposal Example

Before beginning work on a dissertation, a student must first submit and receive approval for a dissertation proposal outlining the intended direction and focus of the dissertation. While many sources are available online and in books that can advise the student on how to structure a dissertation proposal, a very effective way to learn what is required is to obtain and refer to a dissertation proposal example.

The Literature Review

Some of the most common questions students ask as they begin the dissertation process are "what is the literature review?" and "what do I include in the literature review?" The literature review is a chapter of the dissertation in which the writer discusses a variety of other research studies that are related to his or her dissertation topic. As a student presents his or her own original topic in the dissertation, one of the important first steps is to place his or her topic in the context of current knowledge in the field.


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