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Introduction Chapter:
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Introduction Chapter

The purpose of the introduction chapter of a dissertation is to give the reader an overview of the contents of all the chapters to follow. A successful introduction chapter will tell the reader briefly: what the state of existing knowledge has been prior to the writing of this dissertation, what gaps in the existing knowledge the research reported in this dissertation is designed to fill, and how the research was conducted and on whom. The introduction chapter will also give a broad overview of the results and the writer's interpretation of them. Each element of this broad overview will then be expanded into a series of other chapters that will make up the dissertation.

Methodology Chapter

Every dissertation must have a methodology chapter. The methodology chapter is the one in which the student presents the research study in detail. The methodology chapter includes every aspect of the research conducted. Here are some items of information which are generally included in the methodology chapter of every dissertation.

What is Literature Review

"What is literature review" is a common question asked on search engines. A literature review is one section of a longer dissertation or thesis. A literature review is also generally included in any research paper that is submitted for publication in academic journals. A literature review can also be a paper in which a student discusses several important research papers in the field, relating their findings to one another. Students searching on "what is literature review" generally need some tips on creating a literature review. Here are some useful tips.

Dissertation and Thesis

"Dissertation and thesis" are two terms that are commonly confused with one another. Dissertation and thesis are not necessarily interchangeable, but they can be used by members of different cultures to discuss the same kinds of documents.

Write Literature Review

Students in all academic disciplines write literature reviews both as stand alone papers and as sections of dissertations and theses. In either case, literature reviews are discussions of important research within a given field, noting the state of current inquiry and calling attention to gaps in the current body of knowledge. Here are some guidelines that can help students write literature reviews.

For Literature Review

The student looking for literature review information has several avenues to explore. Here are some guidelines for literature reviews and some suggestions on where students can look for more information and for literature review examples.

Literature Review Example

The literature review is an important component of any dissertation or other research paper. In the literature review, the student presents a discussion of research that is relevant to his or her topic, and gives a contextual overview for the research the student has conducted. One key to writing a successful literature review is having access to a literature review example or two. A literature review example can provide guidelines for the formatting and content of successful literature reviews. Literature review examples can be found through some of the following methods of search.

Dissertation Chapter

Dissertations are commonly divided into a series of chapters, and each dissertation chapter has a specific function to fulfill within the document as a whole. While there may some house style variations, and students should check with their departments for any specific dissertation chapter guidelines, the following dissertation chapters are the most common.

Literature Reviews

Literature reviews are always included in dissertations and other types of research papers. In essence, literature reviews are surveys and discussions of existing literature, i.e. published research papers and dissertations that cover the same subject matter as the students' own dissertation topics. Before describing their own research in their dissertations, students write literature reviews to provide a context and give an overview of the major trends in research in their fields. Literature reviews are the primary vehicle for this component of the dissertation writing process.

Dissertation Literature Review

The dissertation literature review is a section of the dissertation in which the student cites and discusses existing research and dissertations that are relevant to his or her topic. The main purposes of the dissertation literature review are to place the student's topic within the context of the ongoing work in the field, and to point out the need that the student's research can help to fill.


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