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Dissertation Format

The dissertation format is fairly standardized across all academic subjects and disciplines. The student beginning the dissertation process should always consult with his or her faculty advisor to make sure there are no "house style" rules governing the dissertation format for dissertations submitted at the student's university. If there are any house rules, however, they will likely be minor changes and the following components of standard dissertation format will most likely all be present.

Dissertation Research Question

A dissertation research question is a question that the student poses within the text of the dissertation, and which shows the direction the student's research will take. Whatever a student is trying to learn from a dissertation research project, it is useful to define it through the use of one or more research questions.

Literature Review APA

To complete a literature review APA style, a student must be familiar with the proper source citation format in APA style. In any literature review, a wide variety of sources are cited, and each on must be consistent with literature review APA style.

Digital Dissertation

A digital dissertation is also known as an electronic dissertation. It is a dissertation whose primary mode of storage is not paper-based but computer-based. The digital dissertation movement is a growing trend in the storage, distribution, and even formatting of dissertations.

Dissertation Example

When faced with writing a dissertation, a student may feel overwhelmed. How does one formulate a topic? What sections comprise a dissertation? What is the dissertation format like? Locating one or more dissertation examples to study and emulate is a great way to inform oneself about what the finished product will look like.


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