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Music Dissertation

A music dissertation is an extended research paper required for students pursuing an advanced degree in music. It is based on an original, unique topic in music theory, history, composition, or performance practice and is often required in addition to coursework and a recital. The following steps are important to consider when planning and writing a music dissertation.

Economics Dissertation

An economics dissertation is an in-depth, comprehensive research document required as part of an advanced degree in economics. Economics dissertations are generally required for Master's Degrees and PhD's in economics, but in some cases undergraduate institutions require economics dissertations as well.

ACM Dissertation

The ACM Dissertation Award is given annually by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to honor the year's most outstanding doctoral dissertation. The ACM Dissertation Award is considered one of the most prestigious honors in the computer science and engineering field.

Sociology Dissertation

The sociology dissertation is an in-depth and original discussion of a doctoral candidate's sociology research. It is required to satisfy the requirements of a doctorate in sociology and is usually written after all coursework is completed and a research study has been carried out.

Marketing Dissertation

A successful marketing dissertation, like the dissertation in any field, must begin with an original and engaging topic. Brainstorming ideas prior to the researching and planning the marketing dissertation will make all the difference. The successful student will take care not to rush this process. Successful brainstorming starts with narrowing one's focus.

Accounting Dissertation

A student of accounting may be called upon to complete an accounting dissertation for his or her Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree. An accounting dissertation is a comprehensive, substantial written report covering original research and thinking on a given accounting topic.

Tourism Dissertation

For students seeking an advanced business degree with an emphasis on tourism, a tourism dissertation will be the final and most important requirement to complete. A tourism dissertation is an extended, in depth analysis of a specific issue within a specific segment of the tourism industry. Often, a tourism dissertation should focus on a particular locality with a look at tourism issues unique to that locality.

Dissertation Subject

Any student writing a dissertation will of course have to begin by choosing a dissertation subject. This initial part of the dissertation process is one the student should give plenty of thought to, as the student will be spending a year or more writing the dissertation. Some of the matters to consider for the dissertation subject are focus, originality, and scope.

Business Dissertation

A graduate or doctorate program in business will generally require a business dissertation. A business dissertation is an extended research paper detailing and discussing a work of original and significant research in a chosen topic within the field of business.

Education Dissertation

Most students pursuing an advanced degree in education will be required to write an education dissertation. An education dissertation is a well-researched, comprehensive, original, and significant completed research project and accompanying paper. Education dissertations must show evidence of original, significant work in the student's specialty within the field of education.


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