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The dissertation writer is often faced with the most challenging and daunting task in his or her academic career. A dissertation is an original, research based document required for completion of an advanced degree. Depending on the institution and the degree involved, a dissertation may be anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 words long or more. Here are some tips for dissertation writers who find themselves overwhelmed when beginning the dissertation writing process.

Dissertation Thesis

The dissertation thesis is a crucial requirement for earning an advanced degree. The terms "dissertation" and "thesis" can be somewhat confusing, as they are often used interchangeably. Both dissertations and theses are detailed, original research documents written by graduate students in degree programs. In the United States, Master's Degree candidates generally complete a thesis and doctoral candidates complete a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, the Master's Degree student's paper is referred to as a dissertation and the doctoral candidate's paper is referred to as a thesis. Regardless of the terminology used, however, all students earning advanced degrees will need to formulate and complete a dissertation thesis to satisfy their institutions' degree requirements.


The dissertation is an original document that is required to satisfy the requirements of an advanced degree. Dissertations consist of the description, analysis, and discussion of original research in the student's chosen field. Different universities and departments may have house styles or formatting guidelines that students are required to follow. A student beginning the dissertation process should first check with his or her dissertation committee for any special guidelines or requirements.

Dissertation Writing

Writing the dissertation is the most difficult task a student will face in pursuit of his or her doctorate. Many PhD candidates complete their coursework and research but put off dissertation writing for years out of fear that their dissertations will not survive the rigorous review of their board of advisors. But dissertation writing, like any other large project, can be done if one cultivates the proper mindset. Here are some ideas consider when beginning the dissertation writing process.

Good Dissertation

Naturally, any student will wish to write a good dissertation. The dissertation represents a major portion of a student's grade in a degree program, so writing a good dissertation will go a long way toward earning the student a good grade in the program. In addition, a good dissertation will serve a student well after the degree is complete. Good dissertations can aid their writers in earning further academic and job placements.

Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation represents the final accomplishment required for an advanced degree, and accounts for a major portion of the grade in a student's degree program. Writing a dissertation involves choosing an original, significant topic, reviewing the relevant literature in the field, conducting original research, and describing the research in an extended research paper. More information about these steps in writing a dissertation follows.

Dissertation Writing

Writing dissertations may be the most daunting task that faces the student pursuing an advanced degree. The dissertation is an extended research paper on an original, relevant subject in the student's field of study and constitutes a major portion of the grade for the entire degree program. Writing dissertations can stall many students for years because of fear that the work will not turn out well. But as with any large project, writing dissertations can be done with proper planning and an understanding of what is expected. Here are some general writing dissertation guidelines.

Dissertation Paper

Students pursuing a Master's degree or Doctorate will be required to complete a dissertation paper at the end of their coursework. In some cases, undergraduates are required to complete dissertation papers as well. Some guidelines follow for planning and completing a successful dissertation paper.


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